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ICE 416L renovates dams in France

In 2013, an agreement was signed between the French Waterways (VNF) and BAMEO to replace 29 dams, six in Aisne river and 23 in the Meuse. Three years ago Vinci Construction and its subcontractors started this prestigious project. The contractor agreed to finish the replacement of the dams within five years.

In both rivers, automatic dams are placed, equipped with inflatable membranes at the water. In addition to the 29 dams that are being replaced, two dams in the Meuse are re-commissioned. The network of dams is provided with turbines which are connected to a hydro-electric micro station. This contributes to the production of energy locally.

The foundation work for these dams is performed by the ICE 416L vibratory hammer, with a single and double clamp. This normal frequency hammer has a great pulling force and is widely used. Vinci Construction operates ten dams at the same time this year, which means that ten vibratory hammers are used simultaneously.  

ICE benefits 2 million people

Country Pakistan
Date June 2015
Description   Placing 7200 Tons of sheet piles
Equipment 2x ICE 815C with 600PP power pack
New Kanki Barrage
The hardships of Mr. Arshad Ahmad, a trolley-puller whose family has been pulling ropes, for two generations at the 120-year-old Khanki Headworks, are expected to lessen in three years when he will get a new assignment after the existing obsolete infrastructure is demolished and New Khanki Barrage is constructed with an estimated cost of Rs24 billion. 

Old Khanki Barrage

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Power plant cooled by ICE

Country India
Date June 2015
Description   Pipeline to thermal power plant
Equipment ICE 815C with 600PP power pack & 160TU clamp and ICE 416L with 400 PP power pack & 100 TU clamp
The project is worth Rs 258 crores and Pochampad Construction Co Pvt Ltd. has been awarded this job by Singaneri Collaries Ltd. Our client is constructing a pump house and laying a water supply pipe line of length 1.8 km from Godavari river and further pumping the water to Singaneri thermal power plant ( 2 x 600 MW ).To lay this pipe line, the client is driving the U-type sheet pile to a depth of 12m.

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New Bhairab Railway Bridge, Ashuganj, Bangladesh

Country Bangledesh
Date June 2015
Description   Driving bridge foundations
Equipment ICE 1412C with 200TC Clamp / 3.4m beam ICE 900 powerpack
The Chittagong area has the potential to expand as a second industrial hub. In this project the client is constructing a new railway bridge parallel to the very old one. It covers a part of the Dhaka-Sylhet Road improvement that crosses the River Meghna between Ashuganj and Bhairab.

The section of works crossing the river, the main bridge, is 929m long and consists of seven 110m main spans and two 79.5m spans of post-tensioned concrete box girders constructed as in-situ segmental balanced cantilevers. The railway ministry selected Ircon-Afcons JV and Gannon-FLCL Consortium for the foundation, construction and approach roads along the side. The costs of this second Bhairab Bridge project are approximately BDT5.675bn. 

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New Cadal Channel Bridge in Angola

Country Angola
Date June 2014
Description   Making landfill & placing bridge foundations
Machines ICE 815C & ICE 600 power pack & Dredge pump
The oil and gas industry is currently the most significant contributor to Angola’s economy. To date, the focus of industry activity has been on the production of oil. Going forward, Angola plans to make use of its extensive reserves of natural gas.
In 1997, a series of proposals for solutions for the management of gas were submitted to Sonangol (Government-owned gas corporation) by the oil and gas operators. The proposal from Texaco (now part of Chevron) promoting liquefied natural gas (LNG) was selected as the preferred solution. Subsequently, the Angola LNG Project was established.

Landfill in Cadal Channel

The LNG Project will facilitate the increased production of Angola’s abundant oil and gas reserves, which can catalyze the country’s reconstruction and growth by supplying clean fuel and valuable export products, introducing a new technology, and providing natural gas for local industrial development. It will also help reduce gas flaring in the offshore blocks in Angola. The LNG process facilities will be located on the south bank of the Congo River, on the northern shoreline of Kwanda Island in the Soyo area of the Zaire Province.

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