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Dieseko Group B.V.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global supplier of industrial equipment, Dieseko Group wants to take care for a clean and safe world and take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our company policy is to avoid pollution by hydraulic oil, diesel fuel and chemical fluids. The floors of our buildings and the outside area are water, oil and chemicals resistant in order to protect the soil and the ground water against leakage.

The R&D department is working on a 5 years plan to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emission of our power packs by 25% before the end of 2016. We are constantly improving the motor management and computer technology of our power packs. Emission of harmful particles and nitrogens is reduced by using ADBLUE technology. Our Power Packs are limited in sound production even beyond the latest legal requirements.

Dieseko has invested a lot of effort and value in the development of offshore vibratory hammers. Application of these hammers for piling wind mill farms is much better for sea life than the traditional impact hammering.

We care about the operators of our equipment. There fore we like to share as much as possible knowledge and experience by providing manuals, information sheets, warning labels on paper and by the internet. Both in house and on the job trainings can be given by authorized people.
All our employees have access to extended social security, pension funds and company benefits.
To show our commitment to the world, Dieseko Group supports a lot of local and international charity institutes.
Among them are:

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