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Resonance Free Vibratory Hammers

Conventional vibro hammers have a constant eccentric moment. When passing the critical frequency area during start-up and stop, the constant amplitude will cause disturbing negative vibrations in the boom of the crane and in the soil; not just at the spot, but with a considerable perimeter distance.

When using a Resonance Free Vibratory Hammer with a adjustable moment of 0 to max 2350 rev. per minute, critical vibrations in start-up and stop are eliminated. After passing the critical frequency area, the eccenter weights are automatically adjusted and synchronised to the current eccentric moment. It works as follows:

During the start-up of the vibratory hammer to the max. frequency of 2350 rev. per minute, the eccentric moment is '0'. The eccentric weights cancel each other out and no vibrations (amplitude) are generated.
The adjustment of the eccenter weights is completely automated. As manual (remote) control for shifting the eccenter weights is possible, the most ideal amplitude can be generated for each soil type.

It is not necessary to readjust the vibro hammer when stopped and re-started. The hammer will automatically select the last setting. With RF, it is possible to maintain the hammer at its maximum frequency while bringing the eccentric moment to 0. The hammer can be brought to standstill without causing any vibrations.

Vibrating with RF Hammers works automatically and safe. It is an ideal equivalent of the pressing method.

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