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High Frequency Vibratory Hammers

Elements are driven into the soil by generating vibrations in the adjacent soil particles in order to reduce the natural resistance. Depending on the technology used, these vibrations may vary from a limited spread to a perimeter of miles!

The dynamic weight of a hydraulic hammer or pile driver produces a high pulsating load at a low frequency. With a vibro hammer, the opposite will occur: a relatively low steady load at a high frequency. Thanks to the low impact of the vibro hammer, the risk of fractures and cracks is eliminated.

Driving in urban area
The ICE high frequency vibratory hammers of generate vibrations at a rev of 2000 to 2350 tpm. Compared to a low frequent vibratory hammer, a high frequency hammer produces less vibrations in the nearby surroundings. Tests have demonstrated that the vibro level of a HF hammer -measured at a distance of 2 meters from the driving element- equals the level of vibrations produced by a low frequency hammer at a distance of 16 meters!

Therefore, when driving in urban areas, it is best to use a high frequency vibratory hammer.

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