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RF debuts in South West and North East China

In August 2013, under great public interest from contractors around the country, the ICE Resonance Free hammers drove their first piles in China. In Yunnan Province Lingye Foundation Engineering installed the 28RF for bore pile applications in sensitive areas; and in Heilongjiang Province Harbin Beifang installed a 20RF for sheet piling work close to existing structures in inner city construction sites.

In Dali the hammer was rigged to a 150t crane, with the power pack riding shotgun on the counter balance rack of the crawler crane; while in Harbin the client chose to use a lightweight 25t mobile XCMG truck crane to reach into confined spaces.
With the touch of a button on the wireless remote,the operator of an RF hammer controls the centrifugal force by adjusting the engines RPM and the eccentric moment of the hammer. Once the hammers eccentricweights are running at the required RPM the eccentric weights are shifted into operation and the hammer starts vibrating and driving the pile. This procedure eliminates the heavy disturbances associated with the start-up and shut-down of a normal frequency hammer. Getting the process just right typically takes a few piles and the clients had fun finding the sweet spots in the hammers operation.In Yunnan, where the client had worked with an 815C for over 6 months the 28RF impressed the team with its significantly lower vibrations. Very minimal vibrations in the ground allowed the operators to crowd around the pile during driving.
At first, the mobile truck crane operator was reluctant to use his equipment with a vibrator as a traditional hammer would inflict serious damage to the crane, but was quickly convinced as there was absolutely no influence to the truck crane’s boom at any time during operation.
Both clients are excited about the new projects they will be able to take on with this new technology onboard.

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