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China, Lake Taihu, 416L Hammer extracts casings under a bridge

DateOctober 2013 
Description  Remove temporary bridge supportt structures
MachinesICE 416L with 400 power pack

In the autumn the 416L vibratory hammer, 400 power pack, and the 81TC clamping set were used by the China Guocheng Group for a confined working space project in Huzhou along the banks of Lake Tai in Zhejiang Province.
A new ringroad along the lake’s shores is nearing completion and the China Guocheng Group was tasked to remove the temporary bridge support structures. The job consisted of extracting 9m long, 600mm diametercasings; the challenge was that the jobsite was in 3m deep water underneath a bridge with only 5m headroom.
After weighing several options the client chose to rent the ICE 416L for this project: it’s weight and dimensions, safety concerns working on water, and the remote controlled operation were what made this project possible.
Because the equipment was hoisted on an A-frame on a barge, and the hammer was operated by a winch, weight was a major concern. Pound for pound the 4t 416L punches way above its weight. The hammers height of 1.55m enabled the client to extract a full meter of casing before reaching the bridge ceiling, then cut it off and extract the next section. Whereas the hammer was on a boat underneath the bridge, the power pack was overhead on the bridge. The ICE radio frequency remote control enabled the operator to operate the hammer from below the bridge deck.
The ICE hydraulic vibro is suitable for near-water applications, dipping the clamps into the water - as required on this jobsite - poses no safety hazard as with electric equipment. Full immersion of the hammer under water is allowed only after the sealing off the machine by the ICE service team.
With days shortening for winter the client managed to extract up to 7 casings a day during day light hours. The total project of 300 casings was completed in just over two months’ time.

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