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Dangerous Dredging in the river Maas.

Land The Netherlands
Date Spring 2013 - fall 2014 
Description   Dredging of material and deepening of the river
Machines DOP® 350 & ICE 900/800 power pack

At the end of March 2013 the company Martens en Van Oord commenced with deepening of the Maas between Venlo and Arcen. De bottom of the river will be dredged up to 3 meters to give water more space. By deepening the river bottom of the Maas de water level will descend. Furthermore, the risk of overflowing will be reduced.

Martens and van Oord executed the same kind of project from 2009 till 2013 on another piece of the Maas. In total 2.500.000 m³ of material has been dredged. From an historical perspective the deepening of the Maas requires a precautious working method. There is a big chance of dredging non-detonated explosives which were dumped during the wars. Martens and Van Oord has therefore developed in cooperation with TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) a safe working method handle this dangerous operation.

The supplied Dredge pump has been specially prepared for these working conditions. For example: The boom has been specially altered to optimise the pumps performance. Furthermore, the pump has been equipped with a jetwaterpump and a standard suction head. More information about the pump can be found here.

Another interesting feature of this project is the fact that the previous Power Pack of Martens and Van Oord, delivered by another supplier, caught fire. The reason why is still unknown. Thanks to the flexibility of our Rental Fleet in Sliedrecht an ICE 900 Power Pack was stationed on site in no time to continue the work. As a result of good cooperation between the ICE Power Pack and the dredge pump an ICE 800 Special Power Pack has been purchased.

The deepening of the river alone is already quite a delicate process. The processing of the dredged material is a complete other process which requires attention. The majority of the dredged material will be recycled nowadays. About 70% of the material will be processed by Martens and Van Oord itself to be sold later as quality sand in different degrees in Moerdijk.

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