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China, 1412C wrestles Jiaxing-Shaoxing Trestle Bridge

Country China
Date Summer 2014 - Fall 2014
Description   Extraction of 40m long casings
Machines ICE 1412C & ICE 900 power pack
The Jiaxing-Shaoxing Sea Bridge  is the world's longest and widest multi-pylon cable-stayed bridge. From end to end it stretches 10,138 m and extends across the Hangzhou Bay, in Shaoxing, China. It is supported by six 227 meters pylons and can accommodate 6 lanes of traffic. The main body of the bridge is 2,680 m long. The bridge spans Hangzhou Bay from north-east Shaoxing, making landfall south of Jiaxing. Shaoxing is located about 200 km from Shanghai. This bridge will provide a more direct route for vehicle traffic between Shanghai and Shaoxing.

Construction was begun in 2008 and the bridge was completed in 2013. The bridge opened for traffic on July 20, 2013. The second engineering limited company of China Railway Engineering Corporation was awarded the job to deconstruct the trestle bridge. The 40m long casings that three-side-by-side supported the bridge structure had to be extracted with a vibratory hammer. As the diameter was 1m and the piles had been in the soil for quite a number of years a number of different piling hammers were tried before the client settled on the 1412C. The client admitted that working with the original product eliminated lots of downtime they had experienced with copies. The original ICE 1412C is a time tested tool, where all parts have been optimized over forty years of product development, resulting in better clamping control, very constant and uninterrupted  hydraulic flow, high fuel efficiency, advanced cooling systems on the hammer, and control by wireless remote.
The crane and piling equipment were loaded on the trestle bridge and as the crane retreated back to land the bridge was deconstructed. The demolition process consisted of cutting cross beams, lifting the bridges road surface, loading the scrap metal on trucks, and rolling back the crane, power pack and hammer after each section. The client averaged two to three sections in a combined day and night shift. As the 40m long piles were positioned very close to Jiashao’s bridge road deck they were extracted in a two-step procedure. The 1412C hammer first extracted the pile about 20m’s to just under the road deck level, and after all three piles were extracted to this level they were cut and stabbed into the mud to be lifted for transport at a later time. Then the 1412C went back to extract the remaining 20m from the soil.
With so many interdependent steps and the need to protect the shrimp farms that operate underneath this part of the bridge, the client was impressed with the reliability of the 1412C. The 1412C vibrated the pile in place to overcome soil friction and years of load compaction, and then smoothly extracted the pile section within a total of 20 minutes, fitting neatly into the demolition schedule.

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