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International Construction Equipment
Dieseko Group B.V.
Lelystraat 49
3364 AH Sliedrecht
T: +31 (0)184 410333

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Dieseko Group possesses a very large rental fleet, which includes ICE equipment. We are able to supply a variety of equipment for small as well as large, long-term projects, possibly accompanied by specialised support personnel. Equipment in the fleet can also be used to prevent downtime and to serve as back-up for your own equipment.
Equipment which is part of the rental fleet is spread throughout the world at locations in Sliedrecht, Singapore, USA, Brazil and China. This means we are always quick on the scene!
You can contact the Rental department for information and availability via the head office in Sliedrecht.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential if our machines are used intensively. Spare parts are available from stock via our dealers or via our main site in Sliedrecht.  They can be delivered immediately, which helps to safeguard continuity.
Wharehouse Dieseko Group


If you have purchased an ICE machine, you are already familiar with our worldwide sales network and our comprehensive support and assistance programme. This service can be offered thanks to our local offices and our dealer network. The network is supervised by Area Sales managers with specific regional specialisations. They can tell you everything you need to know about import and export, local service and, for example, financing possibilities.


ICE has a worldwide reputation and products are located close to intended users. Our vibratory hammers, power packs and vibroflots are also synonymous with reliability and effectiveness. In order to provide the required support, we offer worldwide service and after-sales assistance if you have questions, need help with a breakdown, require spare parts or need to resolve a specific problem. And we can do this 24/7.
Equipment is mainly repaired and revised at the site in Sliedrecht. A number of our dealers have also been trained to perform complicated repairs locally.

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