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A new dike for Schleswig-Holstein

Country Germany
Date April 2014 - October 2016   
Description   Elevation of a coastal protection dike
Machines Dredge pump & ICE 900 power pack
The German coastal protection dike Alter Koog on the Nordstrand peninsula is being reinforced over a distance of 2.5 kilometers. In this case, the height is being increased to 8.70 meters above MSL (mean sea level), and it is the first dike in Schleswig-Holstein to meet the new climate profile.


This profile includes a reserve for future construction: The seaward slope is flat, and the levee crown is being broadened by 2.5 meters to 5.0 meters. So, for future generations, the dike can be given a "new hat" quickly and at relatively low cost should the sea level increase by more than predicted. By broadening the levee crown, the dike height can be increased by one meter at any time.

1. Existing dike
2. Dike reinforcement according to The German General Plan Coastal Protection 2001 (with a climate surcharge of 50 cm)
3. Adapted dike profile for construction reserve
4. Construction reserve for additional sea level rise

As a rule of thumb, a one-meter dike elevation means widening a dike by 10 meters. This in turn means that approximately 300,000 cubic meters of filling sand is required. This sand is being extracted from an area of 10 hectares in the North Sea between Nordstrand and the island of Pellworm. A split hopper barge supplies the sand, dumping it by opening its hull longitudinally – a rapid process with this type of barge. The sand is deposited in the sea almost directly in front of a temporary quay.

The submersible dredge pump is relocating the dumped sand to several sedimentation areas. With its high capacity of 900 m3/h over 100m and more than 700 m3/h over 500m, the pump has no problem sucking up and transporting the sand over the required distances, making the DOP® 350 first choice for the job. The dredge pump is mounted to an excavator and driven by an ICE 900 power pack. Dump trucks transport the sand from the sedimentation areas to its final destination in the new dike.

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