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Long piles for the Webb Dock project in Melbourne Australia.

Country Australia
Date November 2014 and still going (Beginning March)
Description   Installing new quay 
Machines ICE 1412C (2x) & ICE 900 power pack
On the edge of the Melbourne CBD (Central Busines District) and Port Phillip Bay is the Port of Melbourne. For generations it has been the trading gateway, connecting Melbourne to markets around the globe and providing jobs for generations of local families. As the city has grown, so too has the Port, and today it is Australia’s biggest handler of container freight and cars. A prominent part of the Port’s long history relates to Webb Dock. At the mouth of the Yarra River Webb Dock has been a part of the landscape since the 1950s.

Today, individual areas of vacant land separate Webb Dock from the city’s bayside communities. By joining up these areas, a kind of visual waterline is created that, like the waterline on a ship, defines the meeting point of two environments.  This line is a key feature of a $1.6 billion project to expand the Port’s trade and create a new waterline linking Port Phillip Bay, Westgate Park and the CBD.
On one side of the waterline there’s a growing bayside city while on the other, a third container terminal and new automotive facilities will be developed. This means doing more than just making the area look attractive. The buffers must also reduce noise, change the perspective of the eye and, importantly, create spaces and places that can be enjoyed.
The Waterline works include:

These works mean that more than 900m long quay wall has to be installed on this prestigious project in Melbourne. The main contractor is McConnel Dowell. They have subcontracted piling works to Austral Construction Pty Ltd. Besides the steel casings and sheets for the combi wall there are also a big number of raker piles that need to be installed to anchor the wall. These piles are 1.200mm casings with lengths up to 44m. PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs has supplied the 160 PR a 160 tons piling rig which is used to install these casings under an angle of 18 degrees backwards. The leader length is exceeding 50 meters.
The vertical casings of the quay wall are first vibrated in with help of the ICE 1412C and the last part is driven with help of their existing hydraulic hammer.

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Long piles for the Webb Dock project in Melbourne Australia.

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