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Home | Projects › ICE 1412C Making Waves Installing Large Diameter Casing on Oil Platform

ICE 1412C Making Waves Installing Large Diameter Casing on Oil Platform

Country China
Date March 2015
Description   Casing for sprinkler installation
Machines ICE 1412C & ICE 900 power pack
The number of offshore oil production platforms in China’s waters has seen significant growth over the last decades. Some operate in shallow depth others in deep water. As offshore platforms are isolated from the mainland and therefore out of reach of land-based rescue services they have self-supporting safety systems in place to safeguard their operation. A sprinkler system forms the backbone of a platforms fire safety system. Even though the platform is surrounded by water special care has to be given to the design and installation of the water pump that feeds the sprinkler system to ensure it is failsafe.


Roc Oil Company Limited one of Australia's leading independent upstream oil and gas companies operates the Zhaodong Oilfield in cooperation with Sinopec and Petro-China. Since 2006 cooperation on wells C/D and C4 has been carried out on production management safety and drilling expertise. After the completion of the latest platform a water pump was to be installed for the firefighting system. ROC recommended the pump to be installed inside a 30m long 1 diameter wide pipe driven into the seabed underneath the platform. The pipe had to be driven 25m into seabed to ensure the top of the pipe is well below water level. This pipe ensures the pump remains in fixed position even in strong wind and wave circumstance and is supplied with ample sea water to pump water at all tide levels. This required a hammer that could drive piles under the water level.

For much offshore foundation work diesel or impact hammers are chosen. For this specific job a vibratory hammer brought significant benefits. An ICE vibratory hammer grips the pile with hydraulic clamps so that pile and piling hammer become one body. This means the pile can’t run-away (as can happen with impact piling in soft soil layers) and positioning can be done without a piling frame. Another benefit is the light weight and compact dimensions of vibro’s in comparison to impact hammers which required a smaller opening to be cut in deck and a lighter crane to operate the hammer. The client chose the 1412C which has high centrifugal force and forced lubrication to ensure optimal performance. Offshore project require many additional safety checks, ICE has extensive experience in offshore projects and was able to provide all necessary documentation without delay, including lifting certification for the power pack and hammer. The hammer was operated by an operator from the Shanghai ICE crew.
A hole was cut in the deck through which the pile and the hammer were lowered. The 30m long jacket tube was composed of five sections. The first two sections had a length of 10m, the subsequent three sections were 3.3m each. The last section was driven during high tide and the hammer was submerged 4m under the water line. The 1412C lived up to its reputation as a reliable tool and is starting to make waves in China’s offshore industry for its benefits in driving and positioning casings.

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ICE 1412C Making Waves Installing Large Diameter Casing on Oil Platform

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