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New Cadal Channel Bridge in Angola

Country Angola
Date June 2014
Description   Making landfill & placing bridge foundations
Machines ICE 815C & ICE 600 power pack & Dredge pump
The oil and gas industry is currently the most significant contributor to Angola’s economy. To date, the focus of industry activity has been on the production of oil. Going forward, Angola plans to make use of its extensive reserves of natural gas.
In 1997, a series of proposals for solutions for the management of gas were submitted to Sonangol (Government-owned gas corporation) by the oil and gas operators. The proposal from Texaco (now part of Chevron) promoting liquefied natural gas (LNG) was selected as the preferred solution. Subsequently, the Angola LNG Project was established.

Landfill in Cadal Channel

The LNG Project will facilitate the increased production of Angola’s abundant oil and gas reserves, which can catalyze the country’s reconstruction and growth by supplying clean fuel and valuable export products, introducing a new technology, and providing natural gas for local industrial development. It will also help reduce gas flaring in the offshore blocks in Angola. The LNG process facilities will be located on the south bank of the Congo River, on the northern shoreline of Kwanda Island in the Soyo area of the Zaire Province.

Mota Engil África from Portugal is the contractor to build the Cadal Channel Bridge and the connecting roads and Betar is the designer for the project. The location of the bridge, the accesses and the connecting roads (a little more than 7 Km) lays in a geotechnical very complicated area. The salt marsh of the Congo River, with its mangrove swamps is not a stable substrate.

The roads should be raised with a solid foundation layer underneath. To deal with the local conditions the 524m long bridge with 24 spans will be assembled in situ from prefabricated parts only and will be built up in two parts. To assemble the first 13 spans a landfill was created at the south bank of the river.  The foundation of the bridge is made of molded piles, with lost casing placed by an ICE 815C vibratory hammer of the company Mota-Engil. The 815C was driven by an ICE 600 power pack. Afterwards the beams and pre-slabs were placed on top.

DOP 250 in Angola

When all the works on the south bank were finished the landfill was dredged to create a new one on the north bank of the river so the second part of the bride could be built. The Damen DOP® 250 of Mota-Engil varied with a sand production head or a cutter unit. The DOP® pump operated from a pontoon mounted on an excavator and driven by an ICE 600 power pack. At the end of the work it will be dredged approximately 250.000 m3 of landfill.

All the ICE equipment was delivered by Pertangola (The Branch from PERTA Portugal) the local Dieseko Group dealer for Angola.

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