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Ground improvement with the Vibroflot

The Vibroflot is a slim vibrator which is vertically lowered into the soil, using water pressure and gravity. The Vibroflot is used for compaction and to stabilize loose grainy soil by vibrating. By extending the vibrator with follower tubes, greater depths can be reached.

A Vibroflot can be used for ground improvement in the following ways:

Vibroflot, compaction

The vibrating movement of the Vibroflot is generated by the hydraulic powered eccenter in the nose of the Vibroflot. By pressing water from the bottom and the sides of the Vibroflot, it can be lowered to the desired depth easily.

Vibroflot, compaction

Because the compacted soil becomes more compact, a funnel arises at the surface. By adding soil during the retracting movement – the vibrovlot is started and stopped at predetermined times - a compact and stable soil arises.

A Vibroflot is suspended free hanging from a crawler crane or leader guided in a rig. It can also be driven in and by an excavator. Real-time data from a single or tandem set up is displayed on a monitor and can be downloaded at any time to support job reports.

More technical information can be found here

Vibroflot, compaction

ICE provides two models that are more or less identical in terms of dimensions. The difference is determined by the eccentric moment. Both models can be assembled in a modular way. Various accessories are available for the different applications. For more information about this specific product, we would like to refer you to the sales department.

Eccentric moment: 5.5 kgm
Centrifugal force: 195 kN
Amplitude: 20 mm
Eccentric moment: 11 kgm
Centrifugal force: 388 kN
Amplitude: 24 mm
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